15 Years on the Internet!

Virtual Mexico was developed in 1995 and launched in March, 1996. At that time there were few Mexican web sites and very few Mexicans had internet access. Things have certainly changed! Now many thousands of Mexicans have some kind of internet access and many have high-speed connections.

From those humble beginnings Virtual Mexico now has about 1500 people visit per day and they generally look at more than 4000 web pages per day on the site.

Virtual Mexico has provided hundreds of thousands of people with information about Mexico, both from a tourist standpoint, and others who have been considering Mexico as a retirement destination. There are now several hundred thousands of Americans and Canadians living their retirement in Mexico. Many are full-time, but about 2/3 are winter or summer only. We have been pleased to help with information on Mexico, from maps and hotel information, to realtors and climate data.

If you have any questions about Mexico, or suggestions about the website, I am always available. Send me an Email.


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